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All about Memory Booth

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At Memory Booth, we are creatives and passionate photographers.
Our expertise allows us to offer you professional quality photography and an unforgettable experience with our photo booths.

Our photobooths are hand-made by exceptional craftsmen using quality materials.


We wanted to ensure the photobooth would look the part in any situation, from once-in-a-lifetime weddings to family parties. This meant creating a product that looks sophisticated, yet understated. With the assistance of a certified Master Craftsman, we achieved our vision.


Our bright, vibrant screen and easy to use touch-interface means everyone can join the fun. Combined with our wide range of props, backdrops and photo templates, Memory Booth adds a source of entertainment to any event.

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Professional Quality

The primary purpose of Memory Booth is to provide high quality photo’s that you can cherish for a lifetime, so producing professional quality shots was a priority. This is accomplished with a pro-level Canon DSLR and flash setup.


We wanted the photobooth to be accessible to everyone from young to old, small to big, so we incorporated a beautiful, height-adjustable wooden tripod. This not only allows the photobooth to cater to as many people as possible, it enables operation on bumpy, uneven or sloping surfaces.

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Devis express

Partagez quelques détails sur votre événement et nous vous enverrons un devis personnalisé rapidement !